TummyZen®, is manufactured and marketed by Eli Consumer Healthcare.

Eli was co-founded by a Professor in the Section of Gastrointestinal Surgery at Yale University, Dr. John Geibel, and a long-time heartburn sufferer and entrepreneur, Hasan A. Ansari.  Dr. Geibel, who is the Vice Chairman and Professor of Surgery and Cellular and Molecular Physiology, and his lab at Yale have been working for decades on improving understanding of the digestive system – particularly of acid secretion mechanics –  in an effort to find a new and better solution for heartburn sufferers.

After years of work, Dr. Geibel’s team made an astonishing discovery about the ability of certain zinc salts to regulate stomach acid. This discovery, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, and touted in various media publications including CBS News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, ABC Radio, Mother Nature Network, and others, offers an exciting breakthrough in the relief of occasional heartburn.

TummyZen® was born through the serendipitous meeting between Dr. Geibel and Hasan during the latter’s time as a graduate student at Yale. Hasan was so completely blown away by the simple, safe, and effective solution for his own heartburn that he made it his life’s mission to bring this product to heartburn sufferers across America.

The Eli Consumer Healthcare team includes a number of industry veterans and experts, including the company Chairman, Peter C. Mann, who was the President of Block Drug, CEO and creator of Prestige Brands and Blacksmith Brands. Other investors and directors in the company include former leading CEO’s in CPG, OTC, venture backed start-ups, along with financial advisors and Yale affiliated investors.
Eli Consumer Healthcare is committed to providing safe, science-based innovative products to give consumers a new, different and better approach to their healthcare needs, with products available in stores where they regularly shop.