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How do I take TummyZen? Is it chewable?

TummyZen is a pill, not a chewable, candy-like tablet. Be sure to take TummyZen with a full glass of water upon onset of heartburn. Learn More

Can I use your product if I am pregnant or nursing?

We encourage you to please discuss with a healthcare professional before use.

Is your product made in the USA?

Yes, in New Jersey.

Will I need to take it multiple times per day?

Since TummyZen’s relief lasts for hours, you probably won’t need to take it so often. Most users find that one pill is all they need to relieve their heartburn.

How many times per day can I use your product?

Do not exceed 14 caplets a week.

Do you have coupons?

Yes. We have coupons in the Sunday paper a few times a year, as well as on this website when available. Visit the Coupons page

Do you have a sample I can try?

We do have samples that we distribute through our partners. We’re working on wider availability.

What happens if the pills break?

It’s still fine to use, though you may taste the zinc a bit more. To discourage breaking the pills when pushing through the foil, push the pills through at their ends.

Does TummyZen have side effects?

TummyZen is a mineral based product, so minimal side effects are expected with use. Unlike PPIs, which have been linked to various side effects (bone fractures, pneumonia, etc.) Plus, whereas users of PPIs should avoid taking PPIs when they are on certain blood thinner medications.

Are there any allergy restrictions?

For most people no, but do not use if you are allergic to Zinc, Copper or any of the ingredients in TummyZen.

Can I use TummyZen if I use other heartburn products?

You should check with your healthcare provider if you have specific questions, but since the ingredients in TummyZen are different than other products you should be able to use both.


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